The Indiana CTSI Project Development Teams (PDTs) provide investigators access to experts who can help implement high-quality pilot projects that generate successful external grant submissions.

There are currently seven Project Development Teams within the Indiana CTSI:

  1. Behavioral & Population Sciences: Supports behavioral and population science research projects, including epidemiological research, clinical interventions and access to patients, families, and communities.
  2. Community & Urban Health: Supports translational research relating to how to improve health outcomes and promote sustainability in urban environments. Strengths include epidemiology, sociology, and visual communications.
  3. Concepts to Clinic: Supports a wide range of research projects, including those on the path from basic science and/or animal models to all phases of clinical trials.
  4. Therapeutics: Provides access to core resources at the University of Notre Dame. Strengths include biochemistry, psychology, and mathematics.
  5. Human Health & Biomedical Technology: Provides access to core resources at Purdue University. Strengths include regulatory issues and intellectual property concerns.
  6. Networks, Complex Systems & Health: Supports network science and complex systems research with a health-related focus. Strengths include survey research, social and biological networks, and statistical methodology.
  7. Pediatric Sciences: Supports multidisciplinary clinical and translational research projects in pediatric populations.

Therapeutics Project Development Team

The Therapeutics Project Development Team (PDT) is comprised of faculty members from Notre Dame, Indiana University Bloomington, and Purdue University. This Notre Dame PDT provides advice on project and proposal development to be competitive for external funding and the development of intellectual property. Small amounts of seed funding can be provided, when appropriate.

Notre Dame Therapeutics PDT Members

  • Paul Helquist, Chair of the Therapeutics PDT, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Melanie Deford, Project Manager of the Therapeutics PDT, Assistant Vice President for Research
  • Mary Ann McDowell, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Ryan Roeder, Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
  • Sharon Stack, Director, Mike and Josie Harper Cancer Research Institute, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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