Notre Dame PDT

The Diagnostic and Therapeutic Development Project Development Team (PDT) is comprised of faculty members from Notre Dame, Indiana University Bloomington, and Purdue University. The Notre Dame PDT provides advice on project and proposal development to be competitive for external funding and the development of intellectual property. It can provide small amounts of seed funding, when appropriate.

The Notre Dame PDT is one of eight project development teams within the Indiana CTSI. 

Behavioral & Population Sciences  • Community and Urban Health   •  Concepts to Clinic  •  Diagnostic and Therapeutic Development •  Human Health and Biomedical Technologies •  Networks, Complex Systems & Health •  Pediatrics  •  Multi PI Program Project Planning

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Proposals are now being accepted on a rolling basis through the Indiana CTSI website. For more information please contact Bruce Melancon.

Notre Dame Diagnostics and Therapeutics PDT Members

Paul Helquist, PhD: Chair of the DTD PDT, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bruce Melancon, PhD: Indiana CTSI Navigator, Managing Director Chemical Synthesis and Drug Discovery Facility

Mary Ann McDowell, PhD: Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Ryan Roeder, PhD: Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Sharon Stack, PhD: Director, Mike and Josie Harper Cancer Research Institute, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry